Welcome to the Galax Website! Galax is an open-source implementation of XQuery 1.0, the W3C XML Query Language. Galax closely tracks the definition of XQuery 1.0 as specified by the W3C and also implements XPath 2.0, which is a subset of XQuery 1.0.

We are working hard to make Galax fully conformant with the XQuery specifications, but also to make it an implementation which runs fast and is fun to use!Galax’s primary goal was to serve as a reference implementation for the XQuery 1.0 language, but it has evolved quite a lot since the very first prototype written by Jérôme at the beginning of 2001. We are now working on advanced XQuery features (notably support for XML Schema validation), support for XML updates, applications of XQuery to Web services, and XQuery optimization.This site contains information about Galax, some documentation, several on-line demos, and of course downloads for the complete Galax system. Galax and this Web site keep evolving so please come back again soon. We hope that you enjoy your visit!

Galax 0.7.2 is out! This release is based on the January 2007 Recommendations.

Galax 0.7.2 is a GODI package. See installation instructions for automated configuration and installation options.

Galax is included in the XQuery Test Suite Result Summary.

Minimal Conformance: 14514 / 14637 (99.1%)
Static Typing Feature 46/46 (100%)
Full Axis Feature 130/130 (100%)
Past News

December 13, 2005. XQuery! is available! XQuery! (pronounced “XQuery Bang”) is a fully compositional update language that extends XQuery 1.0, the W3C XML Query Language.


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