Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor

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Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury Vapor Description

Size:80 W The Exo Terra Solar Glo is a selfballasted mercury vapor reptile bulb that provides the benefits of natural sunlight, which is one of the most important aspects in keeping reptiles healthy. The Exo Terra Solar Glo is the choice of professional breeders as it provides the proper balance of ultraviolet light (including UVA and UVB), visual light and infrared light (heat), in one easy-to-install bulb. The Exo Terra Solar Glo is a full spectrum light with carefully tuned peaks to ensure appetite, activity, brilliant colours, and optimal calcium absorption through Vitamin D3 production. Light/Heat Beam: 40° – Color Rendering Index: CRI 70 Approximate values at 68°F/20° Color temp.: 4500 K – Luminous Flux: 1870 Lm – Optical efficiency: 11,7 Lm/W – Thermal Efficiency: 85% Optimal levels of UVB, UVA, visual light and heat in one bulb! Provides the benefits of natural sunlight Helps prevent metabolic bone disease Increased UVB penetration distance (+30 cm / 12”) 110 volts

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