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MEGA-RAY Infrared Heat Projector

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MEGA-RAY Infrared Heat Projector Description

Mega-Ray HP – 60 Watt *Lightless* FULL SPECTRUM Infra-Red Heat Projector 120 volt Fits standard ES lamp fixture A revolutionary original design with 18 years of testing in the field! There is simply no other manufacturer that builds a heating device like this! Using only 60 watts, the ReptileUV original design Mega-Ray HP *projects* more IR heat than a traditional 120 watt ceramic heat emitter* with safer full spectrum IR – but with no danger of burning you or your reptile! At only 60 watts, this is the most efficient and safest reptile heater in the world. It projects heat in a forward direction only, rather than waste energy by throwing heat in every direction. The Mega-Ray HP will transmit great heat up to 20 inches from the surface. Proven effective for over 18 years. This is a deep heat full spectrum IR that will heat deep into the muscles and organs of the animal like the sun, not just the surface of the animal like CHE’s. The front surface of the Mega-Ray HP only reaches a temperature of approximately 120 degrees – meaning neither you nor your reptile can receive burns from this unit. Even if your reptile accidentally touched the front surface, it would sustain NO injuries! Don’t try that with a traditional ceramic heat emitter! CHEs are notorious for third degree thermal burns in reptiles. The Mega-Ray HP projects a soft penetrating heat using both A&B IR where you direct it. Your reptiles will love and actually be drawn to this heat! Used in combination with the Mega-Ray UVB Flood Lamp, you will create the perfect UVB and heat environment for your reptile. This is *NOT* designed to heat habitats to raise ambient air temperatures. It directs the heat forward from the face of projector to the area it is directed at. There is a soft red glow inside the reflector but no light is projected to the surface and will not interfere with the sleep cycles of your animal. Your animals absolutely love this type of basking heat.

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