Supreme Petfoods Fibafirst Rabbit 2 kg

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Supreme Petfoods Fibafirst Rabbit 2 kg Description

Using only the very?finest ingredients, Fibafirst? is?a high fibre diet?that satisfies the natural nutritional and physiological needs of your rabbits.It is vital that rabbits are able to forage and chew to satisfy?their natural feeding behaviour.?With longer fibre particles and a larger portion size, Fibafirst? extends your rabbits? feeding time, promoting dental and digestive health, as well as enhancing emotional enrichment.Ingredients:?Timothy hay,alfalfa stalks,wheat meal,soybean meal,ground?peas,locust bean meal,alfalfa protein extract,flaked oats,?linseed,soya oil,?Vitamin A 15000 IU,vitamin D3 1500 IU,vitamin E 60mg

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