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SWEETER HEATER Uniform Infrared TANK HEATER, 11×20.5, 45 Watt

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SWEETER HEATER Uniform Infrared TANK HEATER, 11×20.5, 45 Watt Description

Purchased directly from the Manufacturer, Infratherm, Inc., the SWEETER HEATER will heat a dog house, dog crate, kennel run or whelping area with up to 440 square inches of soft uniform infrared heat. Upland bird hunters and duck hunters should never be without one to keep their dog(s) warm and dry. There are heaters for the hen house, bird cages, reptile cages, brooders and farrowing units. The SWEETER HEATER has no hot spots, it develops a uniform heat pattern, it uses less power to operate, it is unbreakable, it is sealed so it can be washed, and it has a three year warranty. For additional safety measures, the Sweeter Heater has an internal snap action thermal control to insure heaters turns off automatically when heat is not allowed to escape. The SWEETER HEATER is a safe, non breakable, energy efficient, long lasting (three year warranty) and reliable specific area heater. The SWEETER HEATER has been tested and proven by our customers since 1995. Veterinarians, aviaries, dog breeders, kennel owners and herpetologists have proven that the Sweeter Heater is an ideal answer to problems created by other infrared heaters used for pets and animals. Infrared light bulbs are unreliable from a breakage standpoint, have a hot spot that will burn pets and animals, and are a fire hazard. The SWEETER HEATER pet heater is designed to be suspended approximately 6 to 20 inches above the area to be heated. The side mount models can be flush mounted to a wall or the ceiling of a cage or pet house. They will maintain a constant self regulated temperature. The surface temperatures on the Sweeter Heater will not exceed 185 degrees so they do not create a fire hazard when properly installed. NOTE: For orders larger than 10 units, please contact Sweeter Heater directly by going to our website at

SWEETER HEATER Uniform Infrared TANK HEATER, 11×20.5, 45 Watt buy

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